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Double the Adventure, Double the Fun!

Welcome, fellow explorers!

Just a short 10 months ago, a team of wanderers ventured into the world of words and came back to document snippets of their adventure and compiled them into a bookish magazine that is published every 15th of the month. It was a challenging ride with bumps along the way, but throughout the journey, we've met so many beautiful people who made the hardships worthwhile. We have also gathered quite a group of explorers who are as curious as we are and supported us every step of the way! We are overwhelmed to see our reader base growing with each issue and still can't believe that there is someone, somewhere in the world who wanted to read a piece of our adventure.

Your enthusiam drives our passion.

For that,

With that being said, in conjunction with the release of our 10th issue, we decided to take our adventure a step further. We wanted to talk, talk and talk about books! So we decided, why not set a meeting ground that is accessible to everyone? We wanted to bring our magazine to life, we want to meet and speak with our readers, we want to hear from you!

Hence, *drumrolls* the Double the Books website is born!

The next question is, what can you expect from our website?

Besides having easy access to all our past issues in our home page, we also set up a "Blog" section (in which you are currently in) where the MAIN PARTY will take mostly take place. These are the ideas that we have in stores:

1. Parties and Events

We are breaking the stereotype by bringing the party to our fellow booknerds! Who say we aren't into social events? We love engaging with people (and fictional characters) and often find ourselves chatting into the night with a mug of hot chocolate and talking about our favorite books. Let it be a socialite night or a slumber party, join us for a month long of events as we have author intervention alerts, blogger takeovers, trivia games and so much more!

The first event is scheduled to take place in June 2017 so stay tune for updates.

  • You can check out our "blog" section from time to time again where we will be updating our ongoing events on the calendar list on the right corner of the page.

  • We will also be posting the month long event schedule on our magazine so you can mark your calendars ahead and join in the ones that you are interested in!

  • OR you can RSVP in our Facebook Event page, which will be linked to the site.

2. Literary Competitions

Who doesn't like some competition eh? Fortunately, we are not going to subject you to The Hunger Games for the fight of your life. We simply love original works and would love to run a friendly contest to let other explorers to vote for their favourites!

From designing a book cover to creating a fanart for your books, or taking the lead with our bookstagram hashtag challenge, we want to spread the love for your works!

Because this is a non-profitable magazine, there won't be any charges for the contest entries so everyone is FREE to join. After all, it's all about doubling the fun! The winning piece will be featured on our magazine and website's "Hall of Fame".

3. Submissions

Similarly, you can also submit your short stories, poems or bookish posts to us by emailing to before 10th of every month and the selected piece will be featured in our magazine. You reserved every right to your work and we will credit you in them!

Your write up should follow the theme, in which we will announce at the end of every issue.

Head over to our "submission" page to find out more!

What are your thoughts on our site? Commend down below and we love to hear from you!

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