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Author Takeover with Lele Iturrioz

Hello and welcome from all of us on the Double the Books Team!!

We are so excited that you decided to join us today for our first ever Author Takeover with one of our favorite authors - Lele Iturrioz!

This is a new feature for our team, so bear with us if you happen to run into some bugs! *and we'll promise to hand you with a repellent* (lame joke there..)

We love books and we love shining light on authors, but we also know that some of you are dying to ask our featured authors some questions! Which is why we came up with the idea for you to have your say.

On the designated day, our featured author will literally hijack our website just to engage with you, so feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments section below and check back to read the author's reply!

Without further ado, it is time to meet our very first Author Takeover!

Lele Iturrioz is the author of the YA Fantasy series " Season Within" with book 2, Spring releasing this fall! To keep up to date with the bookish news, you can do so by stalking her here:

"Most teenage girls know their name, where they came from, who they are. Not G, a beautiful redhead with unusual markings on her wrist. She gets her name from a silver locket she keeps around her neck, unaware the engraved letter “G” on its front holds the secret to her past.

G’s life before the age of six has been a mystery to her. Each night for the last twelve years she’s been haunted by the same nightmare—a war. Horrendous beasts, warriors able to wield the four elements, and a boy who saves her by means of blue fire taunt her memory. But on her eighteenth birthday, G’s life begins to unravel. When she meets her new Chemistry professor, a man with an uncanny resemblance to the boy who saves her, she knows there must be more to her dreams.

To learn the truth is a dark and dangerous road. One G will be forced to take. Claiming her place as Mother Nature will bring death to her door. But G's not afraid of dying. Some things are worth dying for."

Spring (Seasons Within, #2)

" Gaia finally knows who she is and what she’s meant to do. It’s only been a few weeks since the earth element woke in her. Now that she’s embracing her role as Mother Nature, she must journey with her group of power-wielding friends in a race against time to get back home before Azazel reaches them. ​ With the awakening of a brand new element, her true past with Edan, a dangerous decision that could change the very essence of who she is, and a traitor among her group, the broken road back to Terra will be a test of strength. ​ After all, even if Gaia doesn’t know it, war is closer than she thinks." - Author's Website

So how does the takeover works?

Simple! :) You can leave your questions in the comments below, and on July 7th the author will be answering your questions in the blog! Ask about anything that you are interested to know, let it be about the book, or her characters, even to the writing/publishing process, basically this blog is open for you, the readers to the author! This is all about the author getting to know the readers, and the readers getting to know the author.

But mostly it's about FUN!

Photos from @freepik


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